Welcome to our first blog. We'd like to start by shedding light on the latest craze that's managed to slide it's way into the lighting industry. Smart technology! 

For those of you who already own the AMAZON ECHO+ and similar devices, you may have realised the endless possibilities that this technology provides.

For those of you who are tentative about upgrading to smart home technology; let us put you at ease. 

Smart Home devices are about efficiency, style and convenience. Most devices have the ability to control nearly every device within your home. From turning down the thermostat, to turning on the bath, these smart features are designed to give you a new level of control, customisation and ultimately aim to save you time.   . 

With a single voice command you can take charge of every lighting element within your home. 
Our latest lighting options make use of smart technology and empower users to change their style, or the atmosphere of a room with a simple command. Once you have installed the necessary apps, you are instantly connected to you lighting devices through your home hub  and able to easily command your lighting with your voice. 

 Although product apps vary, most devices have the ability to follow complex commands.

This technology makes use of customisable presets, dimming capabilities, colour alternations, light warmth and seasonal changes to your lighting! You can stay current and more importantly, save you money and energy! What makes this process easier, is the fact that you can do all this from the comfort of your sofa.

Although some have reservations, this technology is undoubtedly here to stay and it certainly can be used as a benefit to your style and pocket. To ensure we're a part of this movement we are now stockists of the most current, unique and eye catching colour changing pendants, lamps and bulbs!

Our new range of smart indoor and out door lighting options are completely unique with a massive variety of styles and fittings! With contemporary designs and an enormous range of lighting possibilities, you really need to see it to believe it. 

The majority of our lighting options also come with a 5 year guarantee! With a wealth of high end suppliers we guarantee quality and longevity! 

Although home integration systems and lighting technology rapidly changes, it's crystal clear that these systems are here to stay. 

For more information on smart lighting options, get in contact us with us today and allow us to give you a comprehensive demonstration on the latest and greatest smart technology.