Carbon Reduction Policy

General Policy:

Our Company seeks to protect our local environment and minimise the impact of our activities on the wider environment. As part of this, we are working towards achieving Net Zero by 2050 at the latest.

In 2023, we will be updating this plan to include a measure of our carbon footprint at baseline, to cover Scope 1 (direct), Scope 2 (indirect owned) and Scope 3 emissions (business travel, employee commuting, transportation, distribution and waste).

We have committed to achieving net zero across all three greenhouse gas emissions including all the energy we use and carbon that we emit, by no later than 2050. For all the energy and carbon emitted in parts of scope 1 and 2 we will achieve this by 2035 and aim to achieve this without needing to offset.

The next update of this plan will specify our carbon reductions target and plans for how we will achieve these. From 2023 we will conduct annual monitoring to measure our progress against our goals in reducing our carbon output

Energy Management and Reduction:

Our Company seeks, where possible, to reduce it`s consumption of energy, by a combination of technical solutions linked to building management systems, thru microwave sensors, timeclocks and thermostats.

With new technologies in lighting and heating, we are committed to investing in these areas, combining the reduction in energy and GHG Emissions. We are committed to changing our sites to more efficient forms of energy, with all our premises removing gas heating by 2025.

We are committed to sourcing our energy from sustainable energy providers, where alternative methods are provided other than traditional fuels.
The introduction of solar panels to all our premises, where permissible, by 2025.


Our Company has well established recycling procedures for paper products, cardboard, fluorescent tubes, batteries and toner cartridges, along with the facilities to accept other companies and individual waste products for recycling. By recycling as man products as possible, this has a positive contribution to reducing not only our GHG Emissions, reducing landfill to zero but others as well.

Transport and Travel:

The Company seeks to reduce the impact of vehicle emissions by ensuring they are well maintained. Light commercial delivery vehicles are fitted with stop/start technology and comply with the Euro 6 emissions standard.

The Company actively encourages the reduction of Co2 emissions through the company vehicles, and purchases either hybrid or fully electric. The Company seeks to avoid unnecessary travel by making use of instant messaging, audio conferencing, telephone and email.

The Company will commence changing it`s delivery fleet of vehicles during 2023, with a continuing roll out to replace all commercial vehicles by 2026.